Vike aviary systems

Vike is Volitos the most sold aviary system for layers. The aviary systems are bases at stainless steel legs and are build in different segments.

  • Living level including feeders, drinkers, wire mesh floor, aeration, manure belts
  • Nest level including drinkers, perch and one of the Valego nest types
  • Perch level includes lots of perches

The Vike aviary systems come in different 3 widths. The Vike-2 and Vike-5 are the most popular.

Vike-2 aviary system

The Vike-2 systems of Volito provides extra 2 levels of living area and one level with nests. This makes it possible to fully use the maximum number of animals per square meter. The system is best viewed with an aisle width of 1.2 -1,4 meters, in which the layer hens can jump between different floors.

Optimum utilisation of the stable surface

  • Volito’s best sold system combines per perfect with rules for layers
  • Easy nest monitoring because of perfect viewing height
  • Extra living area on top of nest
  • 3 different standard system widths
  • 2 different types of nests (RDE and MFE)
  • Optional extra feeding lines on top of system

Animal-friendly & user-friendly

  • Freedom of movement for hens
  • Perfect view and good monitoring
  • Separately controllable feed lines above and below the system for good animal management

Durable construction

  • Robust and reliable materials guarantee longer life
  • Reliable operations principles

Easy acces to the top floor with Vike-5

Vike-5 RDE pog 6

more manure belt, less ground surface


Brochure Vike Aviary System

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