Vivo aviary system

The Volito Vivo is a portal system that allows the maximum number of animals per square meter. Wide corridors on the lower level and perfect overview at the upper walkway to check the animals. The Vivo is an ideal system for a house with a sidewall height of at least 3.5 meters. Characteristic is the high degree of freedom for the hens. With the Vivo very good production results are obtained.

Optimum utilisation of the stable surface

  • Volitos biggest aviary ideal for wide and high stables
  • Intergraded RFE or RDE nests
  • Extra living surface on top of the nest
  • Variable widths of the walkways

Animal-friendly & user-friendly

  • Freedom of movement for hens
  • Perfect view and good monitoring
  • Separately controllable feed lines above and below the system for good animal management

Durable construction

  • Robust and reliable materials guarantee longer life
  • Reliable operations principles


Brochure Vivo Aviary System

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