CTB_logo2Volito is a division of CTB, Inc., a global market leader in the development and production of systems and solutions for the intensive livestock farming sector and the grain industry. With world-renowned brands such as Chore-Time®, Brock®, Meyn® and others, CTB is the system provider with the total package. CTB has been a part of the highly regarded Berkshire Hathaway company since 2016.

Volito is a leading supplier of innovative, smart poultry solutions that improve results of poultry farms. Founded in 1989, Volito specialises in designing systems to provide solutions for breeders, layers and rearing. Systems include nest systems, slatted floors, aviary systems and egg handling systems.

Volito systems and solutions combine poultry experience and innovative technology; are modular to fit in poultry houses, easy to use and generate proven production results at the best price for value.

Volito aviary systems – are modular; depending on dimensions of a house and required bird density, the most efficient type of aviary system can be chosen. The open structure with several tiers is characteristic for the various Volito aviary systems. This allows the birds to carry out their natural behaviour by jumping between the floors. The possibility to perform natural behaviour results in healthy animals and excellent production results.

Volito Nest Systems – Valego is the next generation of nest systems by Volito. Based on many years of experience and installations of nest systems and slatted floors, Volito optimised nest systems for breeders and layers, using the latest technology, for better overall performance.


CTB-Logo-FooterVolito bv is een dochteronderneming van CTB, Inc. CTB, Inc. is een toonaangevende wereldwijde ontwerper, fabrikant en distributeur van systemen en oplossingen voor de pluimvee-, varkens-, eieren- en graansector.