Slatted floor

Volito offers a variety of slatted floors which can be connected with the nest systems. A steel frame underneath the plastic slats or a wooden frame with hardwood slats. The slatted floors are strong enough to handle human weight, chickens and the feeding and perching elements during its lifetime.

Plastic slatted floors

The plastic slats are made of high-quality polypropylene. De slats have an opened structure which provides a good grip for the hens. At the same time, the manure is transmitted easily trough the holes. The slats are designed with chicken welfare kept in mind, no strange gaps, pinching points but round edges en smooth connections leading to better results.

Hardwood slats

Optimal grip and stability for the hens can be provided with the hardwood slats. The hardwood slats are very durable with the 40mm trips combined with hardwood rod fixed together by stainless steel staples. A variety of slats can be offered with perches build in the slats.


Brochure Floor Slats

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