Valego RFE nest

The Valego RFE nest system tilts the nest floor in order to close the nest. In prior to the full tilt, an additional backwards tilt provides the eggs of an extra bit of angularity ensuring egg movement. No space needed underneath the nest because of intergraded expulsion racks in the side walls.

Valego RFE nest system

  • Patented expulsion system uses a stable also flexible nest bottom for better egg result
  • Superior nest system for commercial layers
  • Tilting floor instead of an expulsion fence
  • Integrated expulsion motor inside nest section
  • Up to 70 meters of nest with one motor

Superior nest system

  • Attractive and spacious nest space for broiler breeders and commercial layers
  • Astroturf nest pads for natural feeling and comfort of the birds and excellent hygiene
  • Nest entrance of wood to avoid leg and breast injuries
  • Slats attached directly to the nest system avoid accumulation of manure and keep the bird’s feet clean

Customizable design with high-quality materials

  • High-quality film faced plywood nest walls
  • Galvanised steel frame
  • Stainless steel posts
  • High quality plastics

RFE-52 Flat roof

  • Solid roof with removable panels
  • Additive extra drinkers in front of the nest
  • Very well isolated noise and light inside the nest
  • Dust free egg belt


Brochure Valego layer nest

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